The Rookie, High Crimes and Queen of the Damned in the DVD glow of The Foxlight.

First at bat this week on video is the true story of a guy who lives out his lifelong dream. Dennis Quaid wants to be the oldest major league rookie in nearly 30 years. He also wants to pass for 35 in the film, even though he's pushing 50. It all swings with relatively few errors. It's called -- surprise -- The Rookie and it's worth a rental.

Next, Ashley Judd re-teams with Morgan Freeman, this time to bail her husband out of military court in High Crimes. Jim Caviezel didn't mass murder a village in El Salvador, right? You may not care how many twists get thrown in this, including Judd's sister Amanda Peet who works for one of those 1-900-psychic lines. They should have called her before making this movie.

Finally, Queen of the Damned is really only significant as the last film of pop star Aaliyah. Otherwise this vampire-turns-rock star flick is really pretty ordinary. If you're an Aaliyah fan you've probably already seen this, but the director's commentary may give you a little more insight. Otherwise this vampire film, well, bites.