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The verdict is in.  John Muhammad guilty of murder in the sniper case.  We'll have details in just a few moments.

But first, the Talking Points Memo.  The return of the truth police.  With the presidential election less than a year away, "Talking Points" is setting up a truth  squad to cover the campaign in the press.  No smear, distortion, or personal attack will go unpunished, which should make the Factor even more popular than we already are among the elite media.

So let's get right to it.  Today on its 11 a.m. news broadcast, NPR referred to Usama bin Laden (search) as a "suspected terrorist."  I mean, how many tapes does bin Laden have to make before NPR dials into the fact that this guy wants to kill Americans, Christians, and Jews?  Does Usama have to blow up the NPR headquarters before they get the picture?  Yeesh.  And then there are our pals at The New York Times.  Today the lead editorial began with these words.

"While the failure of American policy in Iraq in recent months has been painfully visible..."

Did you know the USA had failed in Iraq?  Just last week a joint investigation by Time magazine and ABC News found most of the country is pacified.  Is that a mirage?

The truth police realize the Bush administration badly underestimated the terrorist activity taking place post-Saddam, and that the situation in Iraq is very troubled, but the game is not over.  To label a policy a failure is flat-out irresponsible and grossly unfair to the military, which I believe will stabilize that situation.

We'll know in a few short months what the Times claims to already know.  And also, that paper's not real thrilled with the economic recovery that just about everybody concedes is taking place.  Its front page headlines today, "Economic Advances in Atlanta Don't Lead to Popping of Corks."  This article is one of a series the paper has been running, saying that average Americans are still getting clobbered by the economy.  Of course, all the economic indicators are up, but hey, don't let the truth get in the way of a good story.

On the other side, Time magazine is reporting that [Democratic Presidential Candidate] Senator John Kerry (search) can't raise any money, that [Democratic Presidential Candidate and former Vermont Governor] Howard Dean (search) is a runaway train.  While Dean is doing very well in New Hampshire, we found it difficult to believe that nobody will give Kerry a nickel.  So we called his campaign, which says they're hitting the money targets they've set.

What's the truth?  Who knows?  But the truth police are obligated to present both sides.  So this will be fun for the next 11 months.  We'll stoplight the propaganda and spin on all sides.  And please let us know how we're doing.  And that's The Memo.

And that's The Memo...but I could always be wrong.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

O'REILLY:  Time now for the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

With Christmas closing in, I cruised by a couple of malls over the weekend, and I'm afraid, very afraid.  That's -- no, I'm -- that's -- all right.  The mall zombies are everywhere, and I can't go into the malls.  If you get between the zombies and a bargain, it's like a hippopotamus in water.  Never, ever put yourself in that position.

To avoid any ridiculous incidents, we have set up for you Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday shopping on billoreilly.com.  That is the worst graphic I have ever seen.

And here's what's moving, according to our weekend report.  First, signed Who's Looking Out for You?.  "The Spin Stops Here!" doormats are huge, all right.  And then we have a pen and gift box set, and I'm using that pen right there.  And then premium memberships in billoreilly.com as stocking stuffers.

Ridiculous?  Only if you're a mall zombie.

And before we get to the mall -- the mail, can we get rid of that, please?  Can we please -- no, get rid of that, too.  I -- is there anything else we -- just come in on me here.  All right.  They can't come in on me.

I want to thank everybody who showed up to see us in Boston and in Huntington, Long Island.  Big crowds.  And most people were well behaved, but there were two demonstrators in front of the Long Island bookstore, ages 78 and 81.  They had little signs.  They didn't like me, but, at their age, what are you going to do?  I mean they're entitled.

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