So you know the Yale student, Aliza Shvarts, who claimed she artificially inseminated herself and then induced miscarriages as part of her senior art project? Now Yale is calling it a "creative fiction" -- otherwise known as a ghoulish hoax.

Associate Dean Helaine S. Klasky said Aliza's goal was to draw attention to "the ambiguity surrounding form and function of a womans body." Which means nothing.

This is the crux behind performance art: It's never supposed to do anything but raise awareness of, well, raising awareness. Performance art exists only to perpetuate the myth that performance artists have something to say — when instead they're untalented goons who need a kick in the ass.

But here's the thing: At first, Aliza said these miscarriages were real. And now we're being told they aren't. But she's not sure. So who's telling the truth here? Could this denial be performance art as well? Could the truth -- now explained as a lie -- be a method to draw attention to the ambiguity surrounding womens' struggle against patriarchy?

See how I did that? I could be an associate dean at Yale. Pack up your things, Helaine!

But speaking of ambiguity, there should be none among parents thinking of sending their kids to Yale. Your performance art should consist of you running as fast as you can to another campus.

Anyway, Aliza is getting her 15 minutes of sickening fame and her art project is on display next week. I wonder if throwing up on it constitutes as performance art?

Who wants to be first to find out?

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