And so we wait.

For a text message.

A text message.

Think about that.

Not about what that message will be.

Or who it will be about.

But who it will be for.

People who can get text.

Who send text.

Who like text.

Who actually prefer text to talk.

Who used to be nerds.

Dare I say, losers.

Smart, but smart to avoid too.

Until you couldn't avoid them, or their gadgets.

Or their weird technological edge in a world that screamed for an edge.

And they got that edge.

And they became edgy.

And for Barack Obama, they became a base.

And a market. And a dearly sought after one.

Bill Gates just paid Jerry Seinfeld millions of dollars this week to make Microsoft more hip to this hip crowd.

Like the Apple dude.

Who's so cool he doesn't need a tie, he has an iPhone.

Doesn't talk much.

Doesn't have to.

In fact, no one really wants him to.

They're rebels. I'm just not sure of their cause.

I am sure they're kind of like modern day electronic James Deans scowling at us, probably texting awful things about us.

Convinced they've got an edge on us.

They will know before we know.

They got text.

We got jive.

My only hope in this whole sordid qwerty quirkery is that something goes terribly wrong.

They don't get the news first. Somehow it leaks out.

And the cool nerds are left out.

That someone gets wind of this big announcement and runs with it.

Not via text.

No, they just blurt it out.

My prediction, in a bar. A seedy bar.

Someone high up, reliable, just yaps it out.

And everyone stops, turns their head, and says, "Did you hear what he just said?"

And they start making calls. And not a one.

Not a one, not a single one, blackberries a damn thing.

Man, that would be cool.

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