The Real Batman, Dolly Parton and a Good-Bad Movie

The real Batman, Dolly Parton and a good bad movie are in the marquee glare of The Foxlight.

Adam West says wearing those tights as Batman in the sixties was, in a word, "itchy." He says that, as an actor, when you put on a mask no one knows who you are. But who does he think was the best big-screen Batman? Keaton? Kilmer? Clooney? He says he's never seen any of them. Holy sour grapes! At least he still gets residuals from the TV show.  "I got a check for six cents last week from Bolivia," he quips.

Don't ask Dolly Parton to go without makeup. Entertainment Weekly reports Parton turned down a spread on the natural look in Jane magazine. A spokesperson told the magazine Parton "is definitely not a natural beauty and would not want to be photographed as one."

With so many bad Hollywood movies pretending to be good, it's nice to stumble across a movie that revels in its low rent aspirations. The film is Sorority Girl's Revenge, and it makes you wish we still had drive-ins. It opens in limited release next month. Call it summer camp. Get ready for more, though - this thing has WB sitcom written all over it.