Tonight, more truth. More truth that I, quite frankly, am shocked by. I'm going to show you a video here in just a few minutes, something that will melt your brain. If you're a regular viewer of this program, you are going to say, "You got to be kidding me!"

I'm going to ask you to do something I don't think I've asked you to do before. I've asked you to watch this show with a pen and paper, and you might want to do that. There is information that you're just not going to see anyplace else.

I have to first give you a little bit of history, because the context is so important. So, if you just bear with me for a few minutes, I have to tell you a story, but I promise you a video clip — I promise you a video clip that you will say, "You have got to be kidding me! How has this happened to us?" I'll share that with you in just a minute.

Before I play this video clip for you, one that has never been seen before and was actually driven to me from Washington, D.C. Thursday, I want to remind you of a couple of things: First, remember that it was the White House who earlier this week declared war on the Fox News lies. The woman who said it — this is the woman at the White House, I don't know who put her in charge of this, but she's expendable, believe me. She's the one who came out this weekend — her name is Anita Dunn, and she said this.


ANITA DUNN, WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: The reality of it is that Fox News often operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party. It's fair to say about Fox, and certainly the way we view it is that it really is more a wing of the Republican Party.


OK. Here's press secretary Robert Gibbs.


REPORTER: Specifically, the comments by Anita Dunn about Fox not being a real news network?

ROBERT GIBBS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I have watched many stories on that network that I found not to be true.


In America, you have a right to face your accusers. They are making some pretty hefty charges here. Granted, so am I. So is this network. They are claiming that our stories are wrong. Lies. Smears. Vicious. Even in the news division of Fox — which I want to make very clear and I have from the very beginning — I am not a journalist. In fact, I wear that as a badge of honor. The news division here at Fox is one of the best I've seen. They check their stories all day long. I, not a journalist, check my stories six ways until Sunday. We break news on this network, and we have broken news on this program, news that if somebody would have told me these things a year ago, I would have said, "You're nuts." News I don't want to believe.

I made you a promise from the very beginning of this program that I will tell you when I'm wrong. If I make a mistake, I'm not just going to gloss over it. I will not bury my mistakes. If it's a big mistake, I will correct them in the league. You know, I say this all the time, and nobody in the press, because I don't think people in Washington even understand honor any more.

I don't want to believe that these things are true. I would love to be wrong. I love my country. I think you do, too. I don't care if you're Republican or Democrat. It's not about party. It's about our country. What I'm saying is not, "Oh, gee, there's a little corruption here," or "Hey, those crazy Democrats, I can't wait to get to the Republicans." I don't see any difference between the two, quite frankly — until we started looking.

What I am telling you now is that there are Marxist revolutionaries who have dedicated themselves to principles that will destroy our nation as we know it! Now, that is a heavy charge, granted. That's why I put the phone there. That phone is directly to Anita. She is the only one that has the phone number. We have confirmation that she has the phone number. She is the one that the White House has put in charge to lead the campaign against Fox News and this program.

Call me, Anita. Call me! I'm begging you — call me, correct me. Tell me what I put up on the chalkboard yesterday is not true. It would help me sleep at night. It would.

I haven't received any phone calls. Do you remember just a few weeks ago there was a controversy because people said, "You're going to put Chairman Mao up there?" Yes, Chairman Mao. That's a pretty hefty charge that people in America, in our government, listen to Chairman Mao. These people I showed you last night and the night before and the night before that and the night before that and the night before that are in love with Chairman Mao — not all of them, many of them. That's why I said when Van Jones went away in the middle of the night on us, Sunday morning at I think it was midnight, Sunday morning on a holiday weekend, I said, don't celebrate. Don't celebrate. They just pushed him out.

That leaves the question unanswered, that questions must be asked and they must be answered. Why was he there in the first place? How did he get in there? Who knew that he was a communist radical? You just don't fire and replace him because he's not the only radical in the White House. Call me if I'm wrong. I did not erase this chalkboard last night, because I wanted to show you where we left off.

These are all people who are into social justice, environmental justice, redistribution of wealth. That's Marxism. They may not only love Mao, but some of them love Castro. They love Che, and Chavez -- people like Van Jones, Mark Lloyd, Carol Browner, Cass Sunstein. We honestly have been so lacking in our charge of vigilance in this country, we got fat and lazy. We didn't think anybody inside would ever hurt us.

But those names of Chavez and Castro and Che, they're just images on T-shirts now. The video I'm going to show you here in a minute is video that I will show you if you needed more evidence that the enemy is not only in the gates, they're inside the house!

Because Che is little more than a cool T-shirt and Mao is just little more than just a statue you might recognize and buy in a gift shop in San Francisco. We're not teaching this in school any more. Please, give me a couple of minutes, just a couple of minutes before I show you this video to let you get up to speed so you know who these people are.

Che, the guy on the T-shirt that all the kids love now. He said revolution was a lot of fun, and: "I feel my nostrils dilate, savoring that acrid smell of gunpowder and blood of the enemy." That's who your son or daughter is having on their T-shirts. He admitted to shooting people in the back of the head as "a matter of course" but says he didn't turn into a cold-blooded killing machine until Castro took over. Castro put him in charge of the La Cabana prison where he oversaw the killings of up to 2,000 people, executed without trial or due process. That's Che.

Oh, but it gets worse. How about Fidel Castro? His firing squads murdered pregnant women. His coast guard machine gunned mothers with children that were trying to escape on rafts. His regime made Cuban women into the most suicidal women in the world, tripling their pre-revolution suicide rate. He tried to destroy New York City two times. Did you know that? Once, of course, with nuclear missiles. In 1962, he planned to set off 500 kilos of TNT in stores in Grand Central Terminal on a busy shopping day. Oh, we just love Castro now, don't we? His slogan was: "Revolution first, elections later." He locked up groups such as homosexuals in concentration camps during the 1960s. They were subject to medical and political reeducation.

Then, we have Chairman Mao. He sets up Chinese gulags, an empire of slave labor camps filled with poorly fed counter-revolutionaries. In case you don't know who a counter-revolutionary is to somebody who respects Chairman Mao, that would be someone like the tea party people. You are against the people in power. That's a counter-revolutionary to revolutionaries. He sent political opponents to reform camps, humiliated them in struggle sections and declared the worst among the offenders should be shot. Those campaigns took hundreds of thousands of lives, many by suicide. Mao said: "People who try to commit suicide, don't attempt to save them. China is such a populous nation, it is not as if we can't do without a few people." He said: "We are prepared to sacrifice 300 million Chinese for the victory of the world revolution." Scholars estimate that 16.5 million to 40 million people died during the Great Leap Famine which is caused — see if this sounds familiar — by the implementation of collectivization policies that reduced incentive and output of food. All told, Mao was responsible for well over 70 million deaths in peacetime, more than any other 20th century leader! Do you hear it? That's Mao.

You don't read about these people anymore! You don't have your children study these people anymore! Why is that? No, no, we're only teaching our kids that these guys are cool. Is that because there are very powerful people, very powerful people with agenda that worship these radicals?

We gave a number to that phone, to this woman that was put in charge by Barack Obama to be the one to call out Fox News. All week, I have been pointing out the fans of Mao and Che and Castro and of the Marxists. Ask yourself, America, please ask yourself: If I am wrong, how is it possible these people have not called? You'd think being labeled a fan of a guy who killed millions of people would make you pick up the darn phone. Don't you think?

The videotape I'm about to show you is from way, way, way back in June of this year. It was in front of a high school crowd. The woman on the tape is Anita Dunn. The same Anita Dunn whose librarian glasses and gravitas were glowingly profiled in The Washington Post. The article had everything about Anita — well, of course, not everything, because why would you do everything, why would you put everything into a story about the woman who is trying to crush freedom of speech? Why would you do that? And why would you put that story in the style section? Why would you do that? Is that because, maybe — oh, I don't know, somebody could just call The Washington Post and massage the style section much more than the news section? She's an old pro. She's out in front. Gee, I wonder who made that call. Do you think it would be Rahm Emanuel? No. Could it be Rahm Emanuel? I don't know, Rahm. I'm going to have to check with more of our sources.

Oh, yes. I'm going to let the video — remember, this is a puff piece in the style section today of The Washington Post, the same newspaper that used to stand up and look for the truth. Anita Dunn in the style section. You can go with that, or you could go with what I'm about to show you, and you tell me which one is true. It's a video that just might explain why that phone hasn't rung all this week.

When I said look at these people — again, this is Anita Dunn, June of this year. Here it is:


DUNN: A lot of you have a great deal of ability. A lot of you work hard. Put them together and that answers the "why not" question. There is usually not a good reason. And then the third lesson and tip actually comes from two of my favorite political philosophers: Mao Tse Tung and Mother Teresa, not often coupled together, but the two people that I turn to most to basically deliver a simple point, which is, you're going to make choices. You're going to challenge. You're going to say "why not." You're going to figure out how to do things that have never been done before.

But here's the deal — these are your choices. They are no one else's. In 1947, when Mao Tse Tung was being challenged within his own party on his plan to basically take China over, Chiang Kai Shek and the nationalist Chinese held the cities that had the army. They had the airport. They had everything on their side, and people said, "How can you win? How can you do this? How can you do this, against all the odds against you?" And Mao Tse Tung said, "You know, you fight your war, and I'll fight mine."

And think about that for a second. You don't have to accept the definition of how to do things, and you don't have to follow other people's choices and paths, OK? It is about your choices and your path. You fight your own war. You lay out your own path. You figure out what's right for you. You don't let external definitions define how good you are internally. You fight your war. You let them fight theirs. Everybody has their own path.

And Mother Teresa, who, upon receiving a letter from a fairly affluent young person who asked her whether she could come over and help with that orphanage in Calcutta, responded very simply, "Go find your own Calcutta."

OK? Go find your own Calcutta. Fight your own path. Go find the thing that is unique to you. The challenge that is actually yours, not somebody else's challenge. One of the things that we see the Obamas, both of them, Michelle and Barack, came out of backgrounds as community organizers, working.


I wanted to make sure that we at least played that. There is more. But I wanted to make sure that we didn't take it out of context. We showed you the nice things she said about Mother Teresa, OK?

So, the reason why this phone hasn't rung all week is because the most important political philosopher, for her is Mao Tse Tung, oh, and Mother Teresa. The guy responsible for more deaths than any other 20th century leader is her favorite philosopher. How can that man be your favorite anything? He killed 70 million people! That would be like me saying to you, "Oh, you know who my favorite political philosopher is? Adolf Hitler." Have you read "Mein Kampf"? Just fight your fight like Hitler did.

It is insanity! This is her hero's work! Seventy million dead. She thinks of this man's work all the time. That was a quote. Give me the picture of the Chinese and the brutality, the gulags, the reeducation camps and he's your favorite?

America, how many radicals is it going to take? How many radicals surrounding our president will it take before you understand that when the president says he wants to transform the country — oh, he wants to transform it, all right.

Progressives don't care what you think. They will drag you to reform if they have to. But we're not just talking about progressives right now. We're talking about revolutionaries that idolize Mao.

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