Wow! The Power of Television

We had an extraordinary experience on "DaySide" Thursday. I was interviewing three soldiers who had been wounded in Iraq (search), two of whom were badly burned. But these guys are so positive and so focused on giving to OTHER wounded soldiers that many of us in the studio were left choked up and inspired.

Right after the show we got a phone call from a group of individuals (they've requested anonymity) who were so moved by watching these soldiers on "DaySide" that they got together to offer a generous surprise for them. As I write this blog we're still working out details but I hope to have something to announce on the air tomorrow!

Among the other things for tomorrow: The breaking news in Fallujah (search) and the Peterson trial (search).

Also, a controversy unearthed by the Investigative Project (IP), renowned for hunting terrorists and their networks. The IP says it has found several rap artists — some in the U.S. and even in New York — who are openly recruiting terrorists in their songs and videos. Tomorrow I'll interview the IP specialist who's been working on this — plus we'll air some of the videos so you can judge them for yourself. They raise the question, what are the limits of free speech? In this age of murderous terrorism, do we need to re-think those limits? Send me your thoughts at dayside@foxnews.com.

One more thing, here are the websites I mentioned on the air today:

Operation Crayon and Salute America's Heroes — they're both great organizations.

Happy Veterans Day, from the daughter of a Korean War vet and the daughter-in-law of a WWII paratrooper!


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