More than Oprah. More than Ted. More than John.

When all is said and done on this issue of the power of endorsements, I suspect few will top the pizzazz more than Caroline.

And for Barack Obama, few will carry the universal appeal.

Because say what you will of the Kennedy name, no one carries it more elegantly and selflessly than President Kennedy's only surviving child.

Not because she steals the limelight, but precisely because she does not.

She doesn't yell or scream, or work the press. Actually, she avoids the press. Which I think, only adds to her mystique in the press.

And say what you will of her father, for Caroline Kennedy to tell the world, this young senator from Illinois embodies the spirit of her father, that's a big deal.

I think, bigger than Oprah saying that, or John Kerry saying that, or even Caroline's uncle Ted or cousin Patrick saying that.

I know the others bring stature.

But Caroline Kennedy brings something more.

Support. Without the baggage. Without the tabloid tales or embarrassing incidents.

Because she has spent a life avoiding politics, she is bigger than politics and politicians.

And for her to say before her party has agreed on a nominee that she already has, Obama didn't just pick up an endorsement today. He picked up a piece of history.

Not because she has her uncle's gift of gab or generating controversy. But precisely because she does not.

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