And now the most scintillating two minutes in television, the latest from Special Report's "Political Grapevine."

How Hillaryous can you get?

Senator Zell Miller is at it again. The maverick Georgia Democrat says his party's national chairman, Terry McAuliffe, is shrinking his party's "big tent" to something the size of a "dunce cap."

In a letter to The Washington Post, Miller asked who McAuliffe thinks he's hurting with his statements and TV ads attacking the Bush tax cut. Miller's answer, "those 18 moderate Democrats who voted for the tax cut, that's who" he's hurting.

And Miller ridicules McAuliffe for labeling Elizabeth Dole a carpet bagger in North Carolina, where she may run for the Senate. "How Hillaryous can you get," he says, adding that since Dole is originally from the state, she is "no carpet bagger."

Standing firm and staying home

U.N. Secretary Kofi Annan is urging the U.S. not to boycott the U.N. conference on racism set to begin later this week in Durban, South Africa. But Secretary of State Colin Powell has now made clear he's not going. The reason? He and president Bush think the conference is biased against Israel. It remains possible, however, that the U.S. might send a lower-level delegation.

Freedom of or from religion?

The motto "In God we trust" may appear on American coins and currency and it may also be on the State of Florida's official seal, but it will not be on the walls of schools in Florida's Collier County. By a vote of three to one, the county school board voted not to hang plaques containing the motto in schools.

Chairwoman Ann Goodnight said that the school board needed to "remain neutral." "I don't have a problem with the plaque," she said, "but I don't believe it should be placed in our schools." The county chapter of the Christian Coalition had wanted to hang the plaques and presented a petition with 1,400 signatures in favor. Opponents included parent Barbara Giacoloni, who said, "I'm lucky not only to have freedom of religion, but from religion." Giacoloni is also a member of the Southwest Florida Pagan Association.

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