The Pizza Bomber Mystery

Saturday, April 29 at 10 p.m. ET
Hosted by Julie Banderas

It was a crime that shocked the nation.

A 46-year old pizza deliveryman, armed with a homemade shotgun and crude bomb, robs a bank in Erie, Pennsylvania. He is quickly apprehended, but this is only where the story begins.

As he sits handcuffed on the ground, he claims the bomb was locked to his neck by an unknown assailant, an assailant who forced him to rob the bank and follow a macabre "treasure hunt" in a desperate attempt to stay alive. But before the bomb squad can arrive to defuse the device, it goes off, killing him instantly.

In the next four weeks, two more people linked to the case would die: One body is discovered hidden in a freezer, the other expires in bed.

Now Geraldo Rivera brings new, never before seen information to light, including a video confession and an eyewitness the FBI had previously overloked and Julie Banderas reveals some startling updates. It's a story everyone remembers but few really know.