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Justifiably, Wednesday's show was all about the passing of President Gerald R. Ford. There is little I can tell you that you have not already heard replayed on FOX News all day, but I find Ford's 895 days in office as significant as any in my lifetime.

I had the chance to interview him on the phone two years ago, and although it was short, I was struck by how much detail he was able to lend to some great moments in his life. These are things that happened 50 years ago — and two strokes ago — and he was still sharp.

What we did not talk about was Saddam's appeal and his subsequent hanging within 30 days. Hey, it could happen tomorrow. I just wonder if Saddam knows a lot more about the insurgency than he is letting on and if they could cut a deal that he live in exchange for Sunni peace. I know the chances are remote, but just wondering.

It was great to work with Gregg Jarrett today and as for Kiran Chetry, it's always a treat (don't tell her I said that.) Steve and Gretchen are off this week and will be back in force to entertain and inform you in 2007.

If I was to select a "guest MVP" it would have to be Ed Rollins, a former Ford staffer who called in at 5 a.m. and walked in at 8:30 armed with original insightful stories.

This is somewhat a sad week for us because it might be the end of Tiki Barber on FOX News. We hope he stays, but so many are vying for his talent — it's going down to the wire. In fact, Barber will be subbing Thursday and Friday this week and we hope you join us. By the way, please don't call my house late tonight — this 1:30 a.m. wake-up call has me running on fumes.

See you tomorrow and thanks for keeping us No. 1!


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