The Other Man

Dear Viewers,

Tuesday night’s interview with Michael Bergin (search), author of "The Other Man" generated many e-mails. What was unusual is that so many e-mails arrived even before I did the interview.

The pre-interview e-mails were uniformly the same: all essentially calling Michael Bergin a cad. The e-mails after the interview were not different. Below I have posted a bunch and, as always, randomly selected.

In anticipation of the interview, I read the book (I read almost all the books of authors I interview. The only time I don't is when I can't get my hands on the books a few days before the interview making it impossible to find the time to read the book.) Often the publicity surrounding a book is vastly different from the actual contents.

Here is my snapshot view of Bergin's book: it depicts a young man who was used by a slightly older woman. If the book is accurate, and of course I have no way of knowing and assume the author is telling it like he recalls, Carolyn Bessette simply used him -- almost like the proverbial 'boy toy." She dated him -- went to his parents' home and he went to hers - yet never wanted to admit (go public) with their relationship even years before JFK, Jr. appeared on the scene. She hid him. He, from his recitation of events, fell in love and assumed the relationship might be something more than what I assume from the book was her view. In the end, he got even. He revealed an unsavory side of her -- after a short marriage she cheated on her husband by returning to her steamy relationship with the author.

E-mail No. 1

Oh Greta... You should have ripped this guy really bad. Even if half of what he said was true, he's certainly having no respect for the dead and he certainly is just trying to make major bucks on his book. Why on earth write this book now other than to make his silly ass rich? You sorta helped him sell his scandalous book because you didn't rag him about the fact that he is obviously trying to capitalize on his so-called relationship with JFK Jr's wife. (He ain't nearly as cute as JFK Jr. either.) He is scum. Sorta like Richard Clark. How convenient for HIS book to come out during the 9/11 hearings. I still love ya tho.

E-mail No. 2

M. Bergin's book is all about him and making $! IF he were a real man, he would have kept his mouth shut. The Bessett (sic) family deserves better.
Great show, as usual!

E-mail No. 3

That interview I just watch with Michael was just plain awful. It was pointless and very disrespectful to both Carolyn's family as well as John's. He is a complete idiot and it is not a surprise she dumped him. Why is he now writing a book? And are people really that stupid enough to buy it let alone read it? I hope your show exposed him for the fraud he is and will not buy his book and hopefully no other TV shows will put him on!
I watch you show 3-4 times a week and love it. Your topics of discussion are good and your interviews are informative. I will continue to watch your program, despite your choice of interviews tonight.
Thanks for reading

E-mail No. 4

Just watched On The Record tonight. Thanks to Greta for the kind interview and questions that exposed Bergin Boy for just what he is... a cad and opportunist with a brain so small it would do well to get through the eye of a needle. He has absolutely no respect for himself... for his current girlfriend... Mother of his children (or however he would like to refer to her)... and, especially no respect for Carolyn Bissett (sic) and the horrific death she underwent. Sad, sad, sad...

E-mail No. 5

Dear Greta,
Michael Bergen IS A FAKE. He stuttered, acted moody and at times nervous. He wrote that book to make money. I read tabloids and I never read about him having an affair with Carolyn Bisset (sic) while married to JFK jr. Carolyn Bisset (sic) is dead, and he comes out with a book when she can't defend herself, but makes it look like "he is misunderstood, and wants to set the record straight". GIVE ME A BREAK. He is as phony as a $3 bill.

E-mail No. 6

Dear Greta, he is a CAD!! and it sounds like he is making the whole story up!! you should see the the look on your face!! you look soooo perplexed. He can't keep his story straight. He is stumbling over his words! What a jerk!!!

E-mail No. 7

It appears Mr. Bergin is out to make money on a deceased individual. He is a disgrace to the human race. He is a liar. If anyone buys that trashy book, he or she are as low as Mr. Bergin.
It sounds like this imagination had an affair with Mrs. John F. Kennedy, Jr. Let the dead rest. It is only his word.
Thank you


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