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Some letters now from the Observer’s mailbag:

A lot of letters condemning both Fidel Castro (search) and the New York councilman who said Fidel was more humanitarian than the U.S. government.

O. Millard from Clawson, Michigan, writes:

“I think Mr. Barron should visit Cuba and try to speak against that government the way he speaks against his own and see how long he remains a free man.”

Thirteen-year-old Melissa Capote wrote a letter to the New York councilman who praised Fidel. She sent me a copy of the letter, which read in part:

“I am very sad to say this but you are very wrong. Fidel Castro is an evil man…until he dies it is practically impossible to see the half of my family that I have never seen.”

Then there was this letter from Nilio:

“Fidel Castro has liberated black Cubans and today I can tell that all Cubans see themselves as one. This is a far cry from a racist and arrogant USA, where blacks were only allowed to vote in 1966.”

Now, I’ve been to Cuba. Most of the people on the street are black. Most of the people who call the shots in government — Ricardo Alarcon, Carlos Lage, Fidel and his brother Raul -- are white. Coincidence? Maybe. But if the U.S. government is racist for having too many whites at the top, so is Fidel’s gang.

Finally, Hermann Douglas writes, with great eloquence:

"The good thing about Fidel Castro... He'll be dead soon."

For the record, Fidel turned 79 on Saturday.

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