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JOHN GIBSON, HOST: Teresa Heinz Kerry told a journalist to, "Shove it."

Colin McNickle is the editorial page Editor of the "Pittsburgh Tribune." He is the guy Teresa Heinz Kerry (search) was yelling at and told you, Colin, to "shove it." What was that all about? What'd you do?

COLIN MCNICKLE, "PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE:" I asked a question. She, during her speech to the Pennsylvania Delegation (search) in the Massachusetts State Capitol started to talk about how politics had soured a bit. She made references to un-Pennsylvanian and un-American traits of the political discourse.

It's a little bit of an odd reference in a speech that really highlighted some of her husband's vision for America, so as she was going down the rope line leaving, I sought some clarification.

GIBSON: And you asked her, "What did you mean by un-American?" And she said, "I didn't say that, so shove it." But she did say it, didn't she?

MCNICKLE: Well, let's step back just a little bit. In all fairness, the first question I asked her is, "What did you mean by un-American activity?" Her exact words were, "un-American traits." I was trying to elicit from her an example of these un-American traits and she quibbled with the word activity, perhaps that brought back maybe some problems with some verbiage there from years past. But then I asked her about un-American, and she denied saying even un-American.

GIBSON: But Colin, I mean, you represent a pretty conservative paper, the "Pittsburgh Tribune" and you probably have had —

MCNICKLE: Yes, our editorial pages are very conservative with a slight libertarian leaning. Our news pages, we're as objective as the next guy.

GIBSON: But you kind of expect Teresa Heinz Kerry to not be a big fan of yours anyway, wouldn't you?

MCNICKLE: Well, why?

GIBSON: Well, I don't know. Just because of her avowed political views.

MCNICKLE: Well, she's a former Republican. She was married to the moderate John Heinz, but now she's become a Democrat. She's married to Mr. Kerry, but why would she react that way to someone who's seeking clarification of a statement?

GIBSON: Well, have you got an answer?

MCNICKLE: Would she have reacted the same way if this would have been a reporter for NBC or Fox?

GIBSON: I don't know. Have you got an answer?

MCNICKLE: No, I don't.

GIBSON: OK. Colin McNickle, he makes the papers today as the guy Teresa Heinz Kerry told to, "shove it." Colin, you won't hear that from me. Thanks for coming on. Appreciate it.

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