So, according the Congressional Budget Office, this year's deficit may hit $1.2 trillion -- even without this massive, stinking stimulus proposal. Once you add outstanding deficits from prior years, say the number crunchers, every one of us would have to pay $37,000 apiece to cover the cost.

Which, in simple terms, makes me want to puke. But I wouldn't be so disgusted, if we were just honest about what's really going on. This isn't a stimulus plan, it's looting.

Our government looks at this financial crisis the same way looters looked at the Rodney King trial: A momentary excuse for seemingly inexcusable behavior. A chance to smash and grab, knowing you may never get that chance for a free air conditioner again (at least until the Lakers win another championship.)

At least that's how the Democrats are looking at it. They see this calamity as an opportunity to check off every program on their wish list, knowing that the consequences from such behavior will prevent them from ever having that opportunity again.

Hence, the feeding frenzy.

Even worse, the media views the bill the same way they do normal looting: a natural reaction to injustice -- meaning the last eight years of evil Bush.

So I say, let's stop calling it "stimulus" and start calling it the "Looting of America: A Free-for All Against Free Markets."

Sure, Nancy Pelosi may not be running down the street with a case of toilet paper under her arm. But give her time.

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