The Life of David Gale, Nicholas Nickleby and Friends

Missed them in theaters? Catch The Life of David Gale, Nicholas Nickleby and Friends: Season 4 on DVD.

Kevin Spacey (search) got mad at the Foxlight when we asked him about sexual preferences for Michael Jackson during the junket for this film -- but hey, now that The Life of David Gale is out on DVD let's let bygones be bygones, huh Kev? The film's appropriate for the smaller screen because it plays like a made-for-TV movie. And it has a terrible ending to prove it. Entertainment Weekly agrees saying it wastes Kate Winslet (search).

Next,an all-star cast has a reasonably good time in the remake of Nicholas Nickleby (search). Director Douglas McGrath stresses the comedy over drama and it's a good choice according to most critics. The ensemble cast won a lot of snooty awards too, so maybe this is everybody's cup of tea in a summer of mostly explosions.

Finally, Friends  fourth season is out on DVD. Don't we get this for free like five times a day? Do I need DVD clarity for Rachel's highlights? Hmmm, maybe.