The left has gone bonkers over Iraq.

Rolling Stone magazine — which pontificates on subjects wide afield of its expertise in guitar riffs and the contemporary dope of choice — says flatly the war in Iraq is lost.

Monday the cover of The New Yorker had the line "... Bush is resolute that he is God's instrument in Iraq."

You can bet The New Yorker wouldn't invoke God to make a point that something went well. God is referenced only to demonstrate someone, in this case the president, is crazy.

Evidently the far left end of the chattering class has decided on a line to trump the slogan "Bush lied" which has taken them so far. It goes like this: "The war in Iraq is lost. It's over, it's done and it's all Georgie's fault."

Well you know if you go around saying you lost pretty soon people start believing you. Especially your enemy.

I'm sure the Rolling Stone headline is making the rounds of the caves and car bomb factories where bin Laden and Zarqawi hang out and they are chuckling that if they can't beat the American military in the field, they can beat it at home with the help of the press.

The war is lost?

Bush thinks he is the instrument of God in Iraq?

These are statements so far over the top they illustrate nothing more than the left press establishment's willingness to bend and distort to insure a public consciousness of a lost war and a president not just wandering White House hallways talking to the portraits but actually preaching to them.

The main object of this ratcheting up of defeatist rhetoric is to just get Bush good and slimed before he leaves office. They want to see him as Johnson on the Pedernales — long hair, unshaven, brooding in his bathrobe over his ruinous place in a calamitous history.

You watch. Over the next couple days I'll get a few e-mails from far lefties confirming all this. We're in the "ruin Bush" phase now. If a few troops get home early in the process, that's fine. But the main thrust of this campaign is to make sure Bush's political capital is gone and his name goes down in the history book as "Mr. Lost a War in Iraq."

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