The Internet: An Al Qaeda Tracking Device

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After 9/11, we were all spooked to find out how extensively terrorists had infiltrated modern society, even using the Internet as a communication tool. But, terrorist reliance on the Internet can cut both ways.

As the Washington Times reports, an American housewife, whom authorities will describe only as, "Mrs. Galt" puts her kids to bed at night and surfs the web looking for Al Qaeda (search) fronts. Like a cyber Mata Hari (search), Mrs. Galt pretends to be a Muslim woman, wishing to befriend radical Muslim fighters.

After exchanging e-mail messages, she tickles information out of the unsuspecting terrorists’ lonely hearts. And like Mata Hari, her work pays off.

Recently, she penetrated an Al Qaeda-affiliated group in Pakistan. The information she handed over to authorities led to raids, which netted the death and detention of several terrorists who had openly bragged about their activities to Mrs. Galt.

So, to paraphrase Jimmy Durante, goodnight and thank you Mrs. Galt, wherever you are.