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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: No one could accuse Michael Jackson of being boring. His musical genius, but his life off the stage raised more eyebrows and dropped more jobs than just anyone else in the world.

And we in the media were always watching. Jackson's every move was followed live on television, especially in 2003, the day he flew from Las Vegas to California to turn himself in to police for child molestation charges.


VAN SUSTEREN: This is a FOX News alert. Michael Jackson has been arrested and booked. Where is he tonight? FOX News Trace Gallagher is at Jackson's Neverland ranch.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: When he got off his plane, his security detail tried to put up blankets to shelter him. The media still got their shots. The media continued following Michael Jackson like a tour around Las Vegas.


VAN SUSTEREN: And really, who else could leave court like this?


VAN SUSTEREN: We are live in Des Moines with the very latest on this cliffhanger of a caucus coming up on Monday.

But first, we are going to go to California. Michael Jackson, of course, had his first court appearance on child molestation charges, and it was pandemonium. FOX's Trace Gallagher was there at the mob scene.

GALLAGHER: After the proceeding, Michael Jackson came out, things got even weirder. Jackson climbed on top of his SUV. He danced a little bit. He waved to the crowd and shook some more hands again. The videographer catching every moment of it.


VAN SUSTEREN: And then, of course, there is the infamous baby dangle. Jackson chose an interesting way to show off to the world his baby known as Blanket.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is Michael Jackson doing with this child?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Michael Jackson dangling some kid out a window. Let's just get a look at it once again. Here he is in Germany, doing a little royal-style waving from the hotel balcony.

We do not know why he did this with the kid. We do not know if it is one of his own kids. We do not know why the child has a towel over his head.


VAN SUSTEREN: So why are we so obsessed with Michael Jackson? Joining us live is Alicia Quarles, entertainment editor with the Associated Press.

Boy, we certainly have followed him, haven't we?

ALICIA QUARLES, ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR, ASSOCIATED PRESS: We followed him through the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs, certainly.

VAN SUSTEREN: Were you there for the dancing on the car?

QUARLES: I was there. I will never forget that moment. That was incredible. The fans were egging him on. It was a rock concert, almost.

VAN SUSTEREN: When you look at the video, he looks like he is so confident.

QUARLES: He was so confident. I have never covered a trial like that. Most of the time, people are on the outskirts. These people were screaming and crying. His fans are out there in full support.

VAN SUSTEREN: But then when you walked into the courthouse, he looked pathetic, he looked weak, he looked sick. He looked horrible.

QUARLES: That was what was interesting about this trial. One day he would show up looking triumphant and wonderful. Other days, he would be extremely late to court. He would show up in pajamas. I mean, he was all over the place.

VAN SUSTEREN: He was such a drama.

QUARLES: It was a complete drama. It was a roller coaster to cover, and it was a roller coaster to be there.

VAN SUSTEREN: We can hear the police. We are outside the Jackson ranch. Police are trying to get some of the crowds to move on. The crowds are gathering here outside Michael Jackson's rented home.

Baby dangling, quite an incident. Do you think he got it that that was inappropriate, dangerous?

QUARLES: I think he got it. Later he said that he was overwhelmed by all the fans outside, and he wanted them to see the baby. In retrospect, he really regretted doing it.

But again, Michael Jackson was one of those people who lived in the moment and often made mistakes.

VAN SUSTEREN: Why was he renting a house here? Why was it here? No money?

QUARLES: He had no money. Michael Jackson was estimated to be almost $400 million to $500 million in debt. That is why he was doing the concert in London. He needed money.

VAN SUSTEREN: Was he actually training and choreographing it and singing?

QUARLES: Yes, absolutely. He was down at the Staple Center. He had been training. People had met with him and said he was actually in good spirits. He put out the press conference a couple of months ago. This guy was someone there was gearing up for a comeback.

VAN SUSTEREN: But it was also like he was a great actor out in the public, whether it was dancing on top of a car, or making an announcement, but otherwise it looks like he was hiding and timid.

QUARLES: That was the tragedy of Michael Jackson. Nobody can deny that he was an absolute musical genius. But he was almost like two people. He was a musical genius but personally a tragic figure.

VAN SUSTEREN: His relationship with the family in recent years was what?

QUARLES: Very, very good. The family just went to Vegas to celebrate Catherine and Joe's anniversary. He and his mother were extremely close. The relationship had mended by all accounts.

VAN SUSTEREN: And his brothers and sisters?

QUARLES: Brothers and sisters, extremely close. Obviously, Jermaine has been there for him. Throughout the years, Michael Jackson, while he was not successful professionally, was focused more on family.

VAN SUSTEREN: It is sad that he's not going to get this chance for this comeback, because it's always fun to see someone get back up on the horse and succeed.

QUARLES: But, Greta, it's interesting, because in death, he did make a comeback. If you think about it, two days ago, he was a punching bag, and he was the punch line for a lot of jokes. And now, unfortunately, in death, he has made the ultimate comeback.

VAN SUSTEREN: I guess. But it is such a disheartening way to do it. There are better ways to make comebacks than a dramatic death. Anyway, Alicia, thank you very much.

QUARLES: Thanks, Greta.

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