On the face of it, Tony Zirkle looks like the perfect candidate for Congress: He attended the Naval Academy, he has a degree from Georgetown, and he went on to be a top prosecutor in Indiana, crusading against Internet pornography.

There’s only one problem — or maybe more than one, as far as the Indiana Republican Party is concerned.

Zirkle, who is seeking the GOP nomination for the state’s 2nd Congressional District, believes — among other things — that whites are victims of a "genocide," that the races should be segregated into different states and that pornography is a Jewish plot against women.

"We’d love for him to disappear — not for the sake of our party but for his own sake," said Jay Kenworthy, communications director for the Indiana GOP.

On top of all that, Zirkle accepted an invitation to address a group of swastika-wearing, Sieg-Heiling Nazi party members at a celebration of what would have been Adolf Hitler’s 119th birthday on April 20 in Chicago — birthday cake and all.

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The personal-injury lawyer says he’s running for Congress to combat "the genocide of the white race" that pornography is causing — an "unholy pornocaust" against white Christian women.

"We now have a small army of male black porn stars that are sifting through five, ten, fifteen thousand women," he said. "One man can now genocide the wombs of thousands of women," infecting them with sexually transmitted diseases that leave them barren.

He calls it "Porn mule womb slaughter . . . the most effective weapon of mass destruction."

In an interview, Zirkle told FOXNews.com he doesn't think he is too far out of the Republican mainstream. He believes the solution to STDs and out-of-wedlock births is to separate blacks and whites into segregated states, but he says that's fully in the tradition of the party.

"The original Republican party" felt the same way, he said. "Abraham Lincoln called for African-Americans to be deported back to Africa."

Not unpredictably, the Republican Party wants nothing to do with him.

"We don’t consider him a member of the party," Kenworthy said. "His views are not in any way, shape or form a reflection of the Republican party’s views."

But Zirkle captured 30 percent of the Republican primary vote in 2006, when he ran against an incumbent who went on to lose to a Democrat (Joe Donnelly) in November. With three candidates but no incumbent in Tuesday's Republican primary, some wonder if Zirkle will perform better this time around.

Zirkle, said he "just spoke off the top of [his] head" at the Nazi gathering, where he addressed the crowd in front of a giant portrait of Hitler. He insisted he had no prior connections to the group and that he’s not a member of the Nazi party.

"What most people don’t know about me is that I’m the father of three beautiful Jewish Christian children," he said, explaining that his wife had converted from Judaism to Christianity. "I’m obviously not going to be out for gassing innocent Jews."

Yet he blames Jews for much of the plight of white women in America. "The massive number of Jews in the [pornography] industry basically brag about it," he said, asserting that "most of the early porn stars were Jewish men."

Zirkle said he doesn’t expect to win on Tuesday, but "winning is not my primary objective. My primary objective is to educate and inform."

For its part, the Republican party has officially endorsed Luke Puckett, the owner of a small business who is running against Zirkle.

"We fully expect Luke Puckett to win with an incredible majority," Kenworthy said. "We think the rest of District 2 would be loath to vote for [Zirkle]. We don’t expect it to be close."