The Importance of Being Liquid

Do you remember some time back when I told you about a pal who was losing his job and didn't have much in savings to fall back on?

He earned a ton of dough, but when his contract was called, he didn't have much to show for it. He was, as they say, in "deep doo-doo."

But there was another fellow — a fellow I heard from yesterday, who's also losing his job, but who doesn't seem to care.

He's glad to be out: out of the politics, out of the rat race and gladder still that he saved for this moment.

But it wasn't just that he saved — he didn't spend.

I don't think he'd mind my saying he was cheap, really cheap.

He didn't just live under his means. He was nowhere near his means.

He always bought used cars and lived in an incredibly small Levittown house that didn't seem to become his hotshot status in life.

He made his kids pay for college, so that they'd have "a stake in the action."

His wife used coupons. He scoured the Internet for cheap travel deals.

He did all that when he was all that.

And now that he's not all that, he's got all this: savings, investments and a home that's paid for and not a single credit card that isn't.

He's losing a job, but he clearly isn't losing any sleep.

Not because he's crazy, but because he's something else: liquid.

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