The Hunted, Willard and Queen Latifah

Tommy Lee Jones, a bunch of rats and Queen Latifah in the warm glow of The Foxlight.

Benecio Del Toro looks scary. Tommy Lee Jones was born scary. But scariest thing of all is that The Hunted actually got made, according to some critics. Others love it.

In the flick, Del Toro is a killing machine upset with deer hunters who use high powered rifles. Tommy Lee is the teacher who gave Del Toro a few too many lessons. Now Lee has to hunt his own pupil. Preposterous plot points and incomprehensible chase scenes make a nice trailer and a fast-paced TV commercial, but a great movie? Hunt elsewhere.

Speaking of hunting, set the mouse traps -- a lot of them. The remake of Willard has Crispin Glover even creepier than in his Back to The Future days. But the rat race is on and as Paul Lynde used to say, "the rats are winning."

Faster than you can call the Orkin man, it's rodent-palooza and anyone that crosses Crispin is a cheese sandwich. That includes the great R. Lee Ermery as his shouting boss whose employee is a real rat fink. But the pacing is slow according to the Associated Press and it nibbles more than it bites.

The question is, can anything bring down the house of Latifah and Steve Martin this weekend? You're straight trippin', booh. Tommy Lee will hunt them down.