Charity Change-Up

Remember the Ohio couple auctioning their Michigan-Ohio State football tickets on eBay to raise money to adopt a Guatemalan Boy? Well, eBay shut them down. Apparently the couple violated eBay’s charitable auctions policy. Ken and Kristie Sigler claim their auction was taken off-line by eBay without so much as an e-mail notification or a phone call. As of Wednesday afternoon, bids for the couple’s tickets were up to $1,550. Unfortunately the couple will have to start the bidding process all over again after being taken off of eBay.
BUT… If you are interested in putting in a bid of your own, the tickets are now listed on Dreamseats.com.

Piercing Problems

Does your child have plans to get pierced? Are you looking for item to add to your arsenal against their piercing plea? You might want to tell them about the teen who had to have her entire breast removed after getting a nipple ring. Yes, that’s right, what Stephanie Edington thought would be a fun birthday activity ended in tragedy. Stephanie went to a local piercing shop to get her nipples pierced, and ended up with a nasty infection that required the removal of her left breast.

Stephanie experienced a rare case of gangrene from the infected piercing and could have lost her life, never mind her breast. She now wants to warn people about the dangers of piercing.

Travel Tricks for Parents

Getting ready to travel for the holidays? Worried about keeping your kids under control in transit? Do you sometimes give them a dose of cold medicine or even hooch??? Many people do but it may not be very safe. Tomorrow on my show [FNC Medical Editor] Dr. Manny will tell you what to pack in your carry-on bag besides juice boxes and coloring books to keep the kids calm.

Missing Two Year Old

If you have any information regarding the missing two-year-old Trenton Duckett please go to http://www.myspace.com/help_find_trenton_duckett

Holiday Gifts Helper

And, if you’re starting to look for holiday gifts (I know it’s early but things seem to start piling up) go to my website www.hillfriends.com. There are links to great books for adults and kids as well as some terrific teaching tools that kids think are simply toys!!! -- Hey, they learn while having fun. You can’t beat that!

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