The Freedom To Get Fat

This might shock you, but I like McDonald's.

You might be equally stunned to hear that I've been there more than a few times.

It's good food, but pretty fattening food. In short, I know what I'm getting into.

But I'm the one getting into it. No one has a gun to my head when I walk in there.

That's why I just shake my head at this latest lawsuit against the Golden Arches, filed on behalf of kids who got fat eating the stuff at McDonald's, so now they want to sue McDonald's.

First off, kids, look in the mirror. McDonald's didn't do that to you. You did.

Second, talk to your parents. Where the heck were they when you were stopping there every day and, in one kid's case, "several" times a day?

Look, listen up kids and the shysters who represent you: When you eat a lot of food you get a lot fat.

Now there are some among us -- the ones I really hate -- who either through tapeworms or some other metabolic miracle don't subscribe to this rule. But most of us do.

We have choices in life. The food police and the lawyers who egg-McMuffin them on can't hide that simple fact. You can't legislate, or prosecute your way out of obesity.

I know this is going to be hard to swallow but you are what you swallow. Not McDonald's, or Pizza Hut, or Dairy Queen. You.

So chew on this: The weight of evidence suggests we bear the responsibility for that extra weight.

McDonald's packs the stuff but we pack it on.

If you don't know in this day and age, teenager or no teenager, that a Big Mac isn't a salad and that French Fries aren't French yogurt, then maybe you should look into a lobotomy, not a lawsuit.

And for God's sake, get real.

You are free to do a lot of things in this country. Getting fat is one of them. But suing someone because you do, shouldn't be one of them too.

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