Whoopi's whoops, Jude "Closer" to controversy and Lennon beats The King in today's Foxlight.

The New York Times isn't exactly shouting "Whoopee!" over Whoopi Goldberg's (search) one-woman Broadway show. A lot of what she did 20 years ago has been recycled into what they call a "sluggish evening of comic portraiture." That's highbrow talk for "bad." They say she has a dubious eye for material, and ask: "How else to explain the bewildering speed with which she rappelled from Oscar-winner to Hollywood Square?" Ouch.

Jude Law (search) may be the sexiest man alive, according to People Magazine, but he's on his way to turning off a lot of those adoring fans. Because if you thought he was lout in "Alfie," wait until you get a load of "Closer." The film about relationships is so rough and raunchy that it could have some people actually protesting the movie when it opens. This is one where the controversy won't help it. Director Mike Nichols has talked Law, Julia Roberts, Clive Owen and Natalie Portman into doing and saying some very dicey stuff. In a way, it reminds me of how the late Stanley Kubrick hoodwinked Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise into making "Eyes Wide Shut." Trust the director? Not this time, folks.

Finally, John Lennon (search) has defeated Elvis to be voted the greatest rock and roll icon of all time, in a new poll. Paul McCartney came in 12th place. Don't ask about Ringo. I think they only had room to rank 1,000 people in the poll.