"The Incredibles," "Alfie" and "Fade to Black" hit theaters this weekend in today's Foxlight.

Can a cartoon really be nominated for best picture? Not the animated category, the regular best picture category? Some critics like Joel Siegel at ABC think "The Incredibles" (search) is that incredible. Entertainment Weekly agrees. Incredible also describes the box office take this weekend. It could top $70 million in the first three days, according to boxofficeguru.com. Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson help voice some of the superhero cast. So will this go on to be the biggest animated film ever? Watch your back, Nemo.

Next, Jude Law owns every frame of "Alfie." (search) The English cad-about-town remake that has him shagging every available bird in New York is a lighter, more upbeat take on the first one. The New York Times says this "Alfie" wants everyone to have a good time. Law's "easy charm" softens the edges. Susan Sarandon is lovely. In fact, all of Alfie's women are beautiful. Including Jane Krakowski, who says love scenes with Jude weren't all that tough. Opening in a lot fewer theaters than "The Incredibles," "Alfie" should make around $10 million, but good word of mouth could keep this guy womanizing through the holiday box office.

Finally, rapper Jay-Z says he's retiring, but it sure doesn't look like it in his documentary "Fade to Black." (search) The behind-the-scenes stuff is cool, with people like Puff Daddy worshiping at the alter of Jay-Z. The best concert scene has Beyonce booty-bouncing across Madison Square Garden. But does anyone go see concert movies anymore?