Tom's "Mission," medieval messes and no entourage for "Entourage" in today's Foxlight.

Tom Cruise (search) is cruising for a new director. He had an edgy cool choice for the next "Mission Impossible." The guy who lost the gig over that old Hollywood excuse, "creative differences?" Here's a hint -- he directed "Narc," one of my favorite movies from a few years back. His name is Joe Carnahan. Who's in? It's a short list that includes the newly reliable Brett Ratner from the "Rush Hour" series and "Red Dragon." Not a bad choice, but not as cool as Carnahan.

Gabriel Byrne (search) says he feels sorry for actors that have to be in movies like "King Arthur." And not because they're often duds. He was in "Excalibur" in 1981, and says the biggest problem during all those body armor scenes isn't riding the horses or swinging the swords. He tells the New York Post's Page Six that it's all about going to the bathroom. And yes, he says they just let nature take it's course right there in the costume. Rusty chain mail -- nice job for the wardrobe person. Byrne says every cast of films like this suffers from diaper rash. Now you know, but I'm not sure you really wanted to.

Finally, despite a lot of great buzz and some funny behind-the-scenes bits, the new HBO show "Entourage" (search) is failing to make big numbers. Hey, it only has to be as good as "Arliss" to run for years on HBO. But it's a lot better and deserves a following.