The Foxlight: Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton, Colin Farrell

Sharon Stone opens up, Paris Hilton back on the probably not-so-big screen and Colin's private parts snipped in today's Foxlight.

Sharon Stone (search) is back and staying anything but humble. After five years of semi-retirement, she comes out clawing as the bad kitty in "Catwoman," and purrs candidly to the new Cigar Aficionado about everything "La Stone," including marriage, that near-fatal brain aneurysm and even that infamous "Basic Instinct" pose. Stone says she was "spectacularly good" on cross-examination -- and claims it wasn't because people could see up her outfit. "If they only saw up my dress," confides Stone, "they wouldn't remember the character's name." What was the character's name?

Paris Hilton (search) is ready for another movie close-up. It's her first starring film role with clothes on -- well, most of the time, since it sounds pretty PG-13. Her Hotelness is the president of an elitist sorority in "National Lampoon's Pledge This!" Like her X-rated romp, I predict this one never makes it to theaters.

Finally, test audiences went crazy -- nuts would be the wrong word -- for Colin Farrell's (search) full-frontal nude scene in the upcoming "A Home at the End of the World." It's already "R" rated, so that's not the trouble. Apparently, showing Colin's "Irish" without the clover was too distracting from an otherwise poignant scene, according to The New York Post. Fans will have to settle for a navel and above shot, and hope they can pan down on the DVD.