Paris Hilton drives a hot car, NBC should pay to keep "Grace" and it's Diane Keaton's time to shine in the Foxlight.

Paris Hilton (search) doesn't like giving things back. The New York Post says while she was at the Sundance Film Festival, they gave her a Mercedes SUV worth $100,000 to drive around and she didn't want to give it back. The Mercedes folks had to send a repo man. Maybe she was making a movie in the thing.

Debra Messing (search) says even though a lot of NBC shows like "Friends" and "Frasier" are being put out to pasture, "Will & Grace" (search) is here to stay -- at least for one more season. Messing says the cast is still having fun. She says her real life baby due in the summer won't change her mind. Hmmmm. All this sounds like posturing for a bigger paycheck.

Foxlight predicts a few more very expensive seasons for the martini-swilling, sexually suggestive NBC hit -- because honestly, what else have they got? "The Apprentice" (search)? Trump is already sounding grumpy about all the time the show is taking up in his busy "take over the world one building at a time" workload.

Finally, Diane Keaton (search) gives the performance of a lifetime in "Something's Gotta Give." She's a shoo-in for a Golden Globe this weekend. But apparently even the comedy world thinks it's time she was honored. She'll laugh till she cries at the upcoming U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. They're giving her top honors. Well la-dee-dah, Annie Hall -- and congratulations. Now about the Oscars -- watch out for Charlize Theron.