The Foxlight: Ozzy, Gene Simmons, Regis

Ozzy's awards found in garbage, a different Simmons gets in shape and Regis is the new Dick Clark in today's Foxlight.

What's a gold or platinum album from Ozzy Osbourne (search) worth? Not much. Thieves trashed them. The gold and platinum Black Sabbath awards were reported missing after a burglary at the home of Osbourne's former manager in England. Police got an anonymous tip and found eight discs in a plastic bag behind trash cans. Two other discs that had been stolen were returned after being offered for sale on eBay.

Gene Simmons (search) is taking his first real vacation, and it's to get himself in shape. Simmons writes on his Web site that his longtime girlfriend, Shannon Tweed, has talked him into going to a health camp. Simmons says it should be called "Torture Camp." He says he has to wake up early, work out four times a day and eat lots of salads. He says he works harder at the camp than he does at work. Do they let him wear the makeup?

Finally, Regis Philbin (search) will be a fine host for the New Year in Times Square. I just didn't think he could stay up that late. Still, no one beats Dick Clark. Get better, Mr. Clark. We'll need you back next year.