Katie Couric vs. Beyonce, Oprah vs. Dr. Phil, Pierce's 'stache is a dud and so is Christina Aguilera's tour in today's Foxlight.

What famous singer blew off Katie Couric (search)? Her Chirpiness must have been fuming when this bodacious diva showed up at a Couric charity event, had her picture snapped and then fled faster than Marlon Brando from a Weight Watchers meeting. It was the new queen "B" -- Beyonce (search). Watch, you'll never see her on the "Today" show again.

Dr. Phil (search) is being sued by everyone who bought his diet pills because they're misleading. Excuse me, has anyone looked at Dr. Phil? He's living proof his stuff doesn't work.

Meanwhile Oprah's mad at him. Doc, Oprah (search) is nobody to annoy. She's your Dr. Frankenstein. What big "O" giveth she can taketh away. I'm pretty sure that's one of the commandments.

Pierce Brosnan's (search) "Laws of Attraction" didn't attract that many over it's opening weekend. According to most, it would have made even less if he'd worn a moustache. The consensus is that his new crumbduster is a dud. He grew it for his next role, but Julianne Moore joins the crowd of naysayers.

Finally, insiders say the real reason Christina Aguilera (search) cancelled her tour isn't because she strained her vocal chords like her press release says -- it's because she's not in tune with ticket sales. They're way off and so is the tour.