Jason Alexander likes show tunes, Ray Romano's tired of family fare, Trump's never used a cash machine and Woods vs. Woods in today's Foxlight.

Just because George Costanza worked for the New York Yankees, don't assume Jason Alexander (search) is a sports guy. He's set to play a sportswriter in his new sitcom, but says he's more of a musicals and chick-flicks kinda guy. He even boasts that he knows Liza Minnelli personally. He says if he weren't happily married for 22 years, he knows the "rumors would be a-flyin." As Jerry would no doubt observe, "not that there's anything wrong with that."

Ray Romano (search) says once everybody stops loving him, he might want to do another series. "Everybody Loves Raymond" has its sayonara season this year. But the regular guy with an irregular movie career -- "Welcome to Mooseport" anyone? -- says he wouldn't mind an edgy, single-camera cable series. Something that shows us a darker side? Uncensored? Yep, that's what he told The New York Post.

It's good to be the Donald. Donald Trump (search) tells the Post's Page Six he's never used an ATM. He also gets free meals almost anywhere he goes.Hope he's a better tipper than one other famous face.

A valet at a Vegas hotel says Tiger Woods (search) is way below par when it comes to tipping. Very cheap, he tells The New York Post. Tiger, you're fired.

Who's a great tipper? Another Woods -- actor James Woods (search). Friendly and egoless, according to the same chatty valet.