Jackie Chan has Oscar hopes, Glen Campbell's part-time prison sentence and P. Diddy goes back to his roots in today's Foxlight.

Maybe he's taken a few too many kicks in the head. Jackie Chan (search) hopes he'll be known some day for his acting, not his action. Chan says he dreams of Hollywood seeing him as a "great actor." He also says he'd love to film a romantic beach scene with Sharon Stone. Meanwhile his acting "chops" are on display in the usual Chan way in "Around the World in 80 Days." Look for some nuances in this performance and get back to me.

So Glen Campbell (search) has to do some jail time for that little booze cruise he took last year. The one termed "extreme drunken driving," when he also left the scene of the crime. But get this: It's only 10 days, and he gets to leave the jail for 12 hours every one of the those 10 days for something called a work furlough. So basically, he's just sleeping in a very bad motel for 10 days. That's punishment?

Finally, the rap on P. Diddy (search) is he wants to rap again. So after his overrated Broadway debut he's touring again. First a new album, and then he's hitting the road in something called "The Daddy's House Dance Party World Tour." It kicks off this summer.