The Foxlight: 'Idol,' Brad Pitt, Raquel Welch

Another "Idol" shocker, Brad Pitt drunk and naked and Raquel Welch weighs in on makeover TV in today's Foxlight.

Maybe Elton John was right. I'm still stunned that La Toya London (search) got the boot Wednesday night on "American Idol." In fact, the two African-American women at the bottom of the votes have been widely seen as the best two in the competition. Bottom line -- the Hawaiian people have nothing better to do than vote over and over again for crybaby Jasmine. She's gotta go. Unless we want Diana to be the new idol -- and youngest at 16 -- we gotta start hittin' the digits for the vastly superior Fantasia. Meantime, look out Halle Berry -- LaToya tells the Foxlight she wants to be an action movie star. And she's ready for her close-up.

Speaking of action movie stars, Brad Pitt (search) says vodka shots helped him get through the nude scenes in "Troy." I think he was kidding. On the other hand, he did look a little hung over in our interview.

Finally, Raquel Welch (search) looks great these days, but what does the health goddess think of shows like "The Swan" and "Extreme Makeover," in which regular Joes and Josephines want to look like famous people? Rocky tells The Foxlight you can't stop people from wanting their 15 minutes.