Halle Berry (search) in another "hit and run"? Just one of the Hollywood moments in your Foxlight.

What was Halle Berry's name in "Die Another Day?" It was Jinx, and it's beginning to look like that's her on-set mantra. She was easy on the Foxlight's eyes, but she hurt her own eye on that set. Then she broke her arm last year while shooting "Gothika." Now comes word from the set of "Catwoman" that she's done a little more than cough up a fur ball. They're saying she collided with a set piece while filming a scene. They also say she's fine, and that reports claiming she spent six hours in a hospital waiting room are untrue.

One reason J-Lo (search) was dashing into the Golden Globes has just been revealed. She didn't want to talk to reporters in the first place, now that's she's officially a "had-Ben." But matters went from bad to terse when one reporter jumped the press pen and tried to shove a mike in her face, according to the New York Post. Thanks, pal. You make all our jobs just a little tougher.

Finally, will he or won't he? After pulling a no-show at the Golden Globes, Sean Penn (search) is saying he will attend the Oscars for the first time. Maybe the fact that he's the odds on favorite had a little something to do with it.

And that's your Foxlight on assignment from Hollywood. I'm Bill McCuddy, Fox News.