The Foxlight: Dr. Phil; Sting; Kwame; 'Soul Plane'

Dr. Phil's no Freud, Sting plays to win, Kwame canned again and "Soul Plane" no comedy in today's Foxlight.

Are you sitting down? Dr. Phil (search) doesn't really give professional advice. He's an entertainer. A mental health activist wants a warning at the beginning of each show stating Dr. Phil is not offering real counseling. This same activist is the reason there's a disclaimer at the end of the show. He's complaining to the FCC and we all know how touchy they are about everything these days. Paramount -- which produces the show -- says it's always been clear that Oprah's protégé doesn't offer anything that replaces professional therapy. Wonder what Dr. Phil's own advice would be on this one?

Sting (search) travels light when he's on the road. Suitcase, toothbrush and a chess set. Chess set? Yep. And does he always win? "That depends on how much the crew and band want to keep their jobs," he says.

So Kwame Jackson (search) heard "You're fired" again -- this time from being a judge at the Miss Universe pageant. And why? Because he waved at some of the contestants when he ran into them in a hotel lobby. Consolation prize? He gets to judge next year. But by then will he be "Kwame who?"

Finally, on it's news feed Wednesday, the Associated Press termed Snoop Dogg's new movie "Soul Plane" (search) a "drama." Is that what you call a comedy that isn't funny?