Disney gets sued, Holly and Joaquin stay mum and Surly Paul McCartney in today's Foxlight.

Here's just what Disney (search) needs this summer: Another chance to lose even more money. Marvel Enterprises sued Walt Disney for about $55 million, accusing Disney's ABC Family group of channels of shortchanging it on payments for "Spider-Man." Not this version -- a cartoon version. The suit also says they owe Marvel bucks for animated versions of "The Incredible Hulk" and "X-Men." A Disney spokesman said the company had not seen the suit and declined to comment.

Joaquin Phoenix (search) says he likes making movies with M. Night Shyamalan like "Signs" and the new one "The Village" (search) because he can't talk about them and he hates to talk about his work. That didn't leave a lot to chat about in a recent interview for the film.

Someone else who doesn't want to chat about her new movie's character? The terrific Holly Hunter (search) for a puff piece called "Little Black Book." (search) Why do these stars show up at the junkets?

Finally, is Sir Paul McCartney (search) really Surly Paul? A New York Post Page Six item says he flew off the handle over missing flowers. He's a lily man, reportedly. Special ones. And because he's a vegan, no leather seats in the limos? Come on, that I don't believe, even from Surly Paul.