Johnny Depp makes like a pirate, Liz Taylor holds onto her Van Gogh, Dennis Rodman's not rebounding and Garry Shandling will host the Emmy awards in today's Foxlight.

If you're Johnny Depp (search) and the tropical island part of you likes the whole "Pirates of the Caribbean" thing, but you don't want to actually invade an island, what do you do? You buy one. An island in the Bahamas is all Depp's after he forked over a treasure chest filled with $3.6 million. No cable, Johnny, so you'll need a satellite to watch the Foxlight. Call now, everybody's gettin' 'em.

Liz Taylor's (search) Van Gogh may be Van-going if the original owners can claim it was stolen by the Nazis. Liz says her father, an art dealer, bought it fair and square in 1963. It cost under $200,000 then and is worth $15 million now. Lawsuits are circling, but here's the Foxlight solution: Sell the painting and split the dough with the family, Liz.

Dennis Rodman (search) hasn't hit rock bottom yet, but he could probably see it from the stage he was on the other night in Miami. He was having a tattoo put on his chest to promote something called Webdate.com. He's gone from the boards to billboard. I thought the wedding gown was about as bad as it was gonna get.

Finally, glad Garry Shandling (search) is going to host the Emmy awards this year. Haven't seen him in a while and that's a shame, because he's one of the funniest guys around -- as long as you don't count his movie "What Planet Are You From?"