Dennis Quaid talks diapers and Dick Cheney, Sela Ward still "hung up" on her old job and looking forward to next season's "24" in today's Foxlight

Dennis Quaid ( search) says any resemblance between the actor playing the vice president in "The Day After Tomorrow" and Dick Cheney is purely coincidental. The artist formerly known as Mr. Meg Ryan claims any political agenda is all the film director's directive. He also says the snow blowing at him in the film is made out of shredded Pampers. Clean ones, right Dennis? Yep -- he told one national morning show you "Never eat the yellow Pampers." Thanks for the advice, Dennis.

Co-star Sela Ward ( search) tells the Foxlight she misses her days as a commercial spokeswoman for Sprint. One of the best gigs of her career, she boasts. And she says cell phones killed it. Sela says no one uses enough regular long distance any more -- so she was out of a job. Her career has gone a long distance and no matter how badly the critics dump on this film, it's always nice to see her.

Finally, I miss "24" (search)already. I'd give Chase's right arm for one more episode. Jack looked tired at the end of this long day, but he is coming back for more next season, right? Even though I hear lots of other cast members aren't? Yes, Kiefer Sutherland is coming back for another installment of the best show on TV. Get plenty of sleep, Mr. Sutherland. And talk the president into running again. After all, his biggest problem is dead.