CBS (search) is proving something old is better than something new. While other networks are rolling out new shows this summer, CBS is creaming them with a blast from the past.

That's right, reruns on CBS like "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (search) are putting a chalk outline around the competition. CBS has seven of the top 10 shows this summer when it comes to advertiser-friendly demographics -- translation -- men 18-49.

Fox has already canned "The Jury," that Barry Levinson embarrassment that deliberated for only a few episodes.

And that hot new casino show with the clever title -- "The Casino?" Even with big shot Mark Burnett producing, it's rolling snake eyes.

Only Paris and Nicole are bringing in big numbers for Fox.

Over at NBC, the news isn't any brighter. "The Next Action Star" needs a stunt double to take a fall. It's a big ratings disappointment. NBC's answer? We lost "Friends." Yeah, when did that become a surprise?

Even ratings warhorse "ER" is getting hammered by another CBS show. It's called "Without a Trace," (search) and it stars the incredible and underrated Anthony LaPaglia.

ABC's "The Ultimate Love Test" generated no chemistry. It's flunking.

So congratulations to "CSI" and the rest of the CBS line-up. They're taking summer back to the good old days, when the rerun was king. Call it deja viewing.