Crosby and Nash for president, Britney visits her stepdaughter-to-be and critics hiss at "Catwoman" in today's Foxlight.

David Crosby (search) and Graham Nash (search) are running for joint president of the United States on the "Party Party" ticket. Get it? "Joint," as in pass me that one. The two say they'll share responsibilities on an alternate day basis. Nash says they'll be no need for a vice president saying "between us we have vice covered." Get these two on Comedy Central. The pair say they'll began airing campaign ads on Monday. Crosby says if elected, one of their first acts will be to clean out Area 51 to address the illegal alien issue. Stop it! My sides are aching!

Britney Spears' (search) fiance wasn't with his baby's mom when she gave birth to their second child, but Kevin Feds-his-name did arrive to visit about three hours later. People magazine says Spears wasn't with him. But she did recently accompany her fiance on a visit to his 2-year-old daughter. She painted the girl's fingernails and bought her toys. Did she paint "Don't grow up to be like me" on those fingernails? Foxlight doubts it.

Finally, at least one critic isn't calling "Catwoman" (search) kitty litter. Neil Rosen of New York 1 gives it two and a half out of four apples -- that's how he rates movies. He says it's unintentionally funny but entertaining.