Hollywood celebrities have reason to count their blessings this Thanksgiving.

What's Chris Rock (search) thankful for? Being asked to host to the Oscars this year. Let's hope his performance isn't a turkey. Hey, some pretty great people have failed at the gig. Ask David Letterman (search).

Letterman is thankful he had Howard Stern (search) on last week. It helped "The Late Show" beat Jay Leno (search) for the first time since Hugh Grant's little mea culpa.

Speaking of Hugh Grant (search), aren't we all thankful he's decided to retire from acting? That smug shrug thing was cute the first 10 or 15 movies.

Suge Knight (search) is thankful he was at a rapper fight he had nothing to do with. That could be a first.

ABC is thankful for "Desperate Housewives," (search) and I have to be completely honest: I don't blame them. Nicolette, call me. Note to Mrs. McCuddy: It's just business.

The Smithsonian is probably thankful for Seinfeld's puffy shirt (search), although honestly, what are they gonna let in next? Ashton Kutcher's (search) trucker cap?

Finally, Tim Allen (search) is thankful he got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Apparently the petition was signed before anyone saw "Christmas With the Kranks." (search)