Britney won't put on the pounds, Naomi draws a crowd and fashion police Joan and Melissa jump ship in today's Foxlight.

Britney Spears (search) says she's kissed a lot of frogs, and this Kevin Federline guy is a real prince. She also shows People magazine a six carat ring. It's apparently grown from the two carats originally reported. Hey, back-up dancing must pay a lot better than I thought it did. Anyway, Britney says this is love -- she wants lots of kids, which is good, because Federline already has one and another one on the way. She also says she's comfortable being a little heavier these days, but vows she won't become a "lard-ass." She's a quality gal.

Speaking of quality gals, walking temper tantrum Naomi Campbell (search) got blood boiling in Sardinia recently. Not because of anything she said, just because, well, she's Naomi Campbell. Hundreds of red-hot men stormed the beaches, so to speak, where Naomi was bikini clad and filming a cell phone commercial. Cops saved the woman famous for pitching regular phones at assistants.

Finally, welcome Joan and Melissa Rivers (search) to our quasi-adopted sister network, the TV Guide Channel. Forget anything nasty I've ever said. And save a space for the Foxlight on the red carpet, where Joan and Joanette will ply their awards-show wares for TV Guide. Oh and nice going, E! . This was the one winning thing you had going for you.