The next Bond, Rob hits a new Lowe and "Father of the Pride" not animating enough viewers in today's Foxlight.

It sounds like Pierce Brosnan (search) has finally thrown in his gadget-filled briefcase. He's chiming in with his opinion on the next James Bond. Foxlight thought all this posturing was Brosnan's way of forcing producers to cast him one more time as 007. Now at the premiere for his new movie "After the Sunset," he jokes that he'd like them to stop making Bond films so he'd be the last one. But he knows they're way too profitable. So his choice for a license to kill? Not Hugh Jackman. Or Foxlight favorite Clive Owen. Pierce wants fellow Irish actor and bad boy Colin Farrell (search). Colin Farrell? Well, the locks from "Alexander" will have to go.

Is there a doctor in the house? Not at CBS. Rob Lowe (search) has rolled snake eyes with another series failure after leaving "West Wing." Do you even recognize it from this footage? It was called "Dr. Vegas." (search) CBS says it's on "hiatus," but hasn't said it's coming back. "Hiatus" is Latin for cancelled. Lowe's other dead-on-arrival series? "The Lyon's Den" on NBC last year. Memorize these two show names, they'll turn up on Trivial Pursuit some day.

Another ratings-challenged show? "Father of the Pride" (search) is being put back in its cage for this November ratings period. NBC says it'll be back in December with the last six of 13 episodes. It cost a very animated $2 million an episode and that's just too expensive.