The winners and losers at the box office in 2003 continue in today's Foxlight.

"Seabiscuit" (search) was an on-the-nose performance in the stretch. I can't believe how commercial some of my selections are this year, and the 'biscuit is no exception. Some say there are too many stories going on here. I only saw one -- about a horse. There's a lot riding on this come Oscar time, and I while I used to think it would be somewhere in the money, now I think it's a long shot. Doesn't matter -- it's a winner.

Next the awesome "Lost in Translation." (search) The best thing Bill Murray has ever done, and that's not faint praise. Every crack on his face is effortlessly tossing off lines. I felt as out of place in Japan as the lead characters. The jokes aren't in your face, they're from 10 feet away, like a Gary Larsen cartoon. Classic scene with Murray explaining the nuances of each James Bond. Director Sofia Coppola has now easily made up for "Godfather III."

The bad news? "Legally Blond 2, Red, White and Blue" (search) was legally bland. And that's being kind. Reese Witherspoon thought she had a franchise here -- sorry. And the way the movie wasted Bob Newhart was comically criminal.