The Baldwin brothers (search) — those darlings of the left side of your movie screen — they will all be headed to Boston this week to cheer on their man, right?

Not all of them. One Baldwin brother answers to a higher power than even his older sibling Alec. Stephen Baldwin (search) is a born-again Christian. And a Bush man.

Yes, Stephen Baldwin — the guy who survived a "Bio-Dome" with Pauly Shore and wowed audiences in the sensational cult classic "The Usual Suspects" — is no longer a usual suspect in the Baldwin family household. Are you sitting down, Alec? Little bro' told "Fox & Friends" on Saturday morning that he's keeping the faith. And he wants all his new brethren to do the same.

Baldwin has directed a new DVD aimed at Christian audiences called "Livin' It." (search) He says he saw the way Christianity reshaped his wife's life — and liked what he saw.

One thing is certain: I'd like to be a fly on the wall at the next Baldwin brothers family reunion.