Bacall vs. Kidman, "American Stripper" and Pam Anderson won't eat KFC in today's Foxlight.

Who doesn't love a surly broad like Lauren Bacall (search)? Bacall says she and Nicole Kidman (search) have a "fabulous relationship on screen and off." But when a reporter referred to Kidman as a "legend" at the Venice Film Festival, where she and Nicole were promoting their new movie, Bacall shot back: "She's not a legend. She's a beginner. What is this 'legend'? She can't be a legend at whatever age she is."

Kidman is 37 and Bacall is 79. Their movie "Birth" is about reincarnation, so one reporter asked them whom they'd like to come back as if they could be reincarnated. The others tried to answer, but Bacall snapped: "It's not a fascinating question. No offense." Oh come on Betty, you meant offense.

I doubt they'll start taking their clothes off on "American Idol" in response, but one guy is trying to sell a show just like it called "American Stripper." (search) Just the contestants, not the judges. I think I speak for the country when I say we don't need to see Randy Jackson naked.

Finally, Pamela Anderson (search) has lent her famous face -- and other parts -- to a billboard campaign calling for a boycott of Kentucky Fried Chicken (search). People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (search) is behind it -- stunner. It features this catchy slogan: "Boycott KFC -- signed Pamela Anderson." Oh, that's clever.