Monday, May 12 at 3 a.m. ET

Hosted by Oliver North

This is one of the most overlooked chapters of World War II. It is the story of the 1st Air Commandos and their top-secret missions.

Imagine flying a canvas-covered plywood glider without an engine 200 miles into Japanese territory in the dead of night transporting over 500 troops, hundreds of tons of cargo, as well as mules and horses. This was the monumental task undertaken by the volunteers of the 1st Air Commandos. They were 523 handpicked men, chosen to help protect and regain lost territory in the beleaguered China-Burma-India Theatre.

In this gripping episode of "War Stories with Oliver North," you’ll meet the masterminds of “Operation Thursday”: two trailblazing American lieutenant colonels, John R. Alison and Philip G. Cochran, who join hands with an extraordinary British general, Orde C. Wingate. Together they accomplished what had never been done before: penetrating so deep behind enemy lines that it wouldn’t be done again until we fight the War on Terror in Afghanistan.

You’ll also learn about the distinguished “Flying Tigers” and how they became the only source of hope in this often forgotten theatre of operations. You’ll also hear from courageous veterans of this little known place on earth and how they proved they were indeed ready, “Any Place, Any Time, Any Where.”

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