The Fickleness of Life Shown by Heather Mills and Bear Stearns

Heather Mills is getting 48 million bucks.

And scores of Bear Stearns workers are getting squat.

One marries a billionaire briefly and makes a killing.

Others work their lives at a firm and now make out resumes.

Such is life. And the fickleness of life.

From a woman who preached her marriage would last forever and it didn't.

To a firm whose brokers preached diversifying investments and yet for themselves, couldn't.

She's fine.

They are not.

She'll live a grand life.

They'll soon have grand company.

Other brokers will fail, or merge, or just lay off.

Their fortunes tied to markets that go up, and sadly, go down.

They call it a liquidity crisis.

I don't.

I call it a confidence crisis.

There's plenty of liquidity out there. Just ask Heather Mills.

But a lot of folks are afraid to lend it, or even borrow it. Just ask...well, pretty much all financial institutions.

And now it's time to adjust.

Heather Mills, to fortunes she now hopes grow.

And banks, to fortunes they now hope return.

Maybe Heather will seek out one of those banks.

Maybe today, especially today, she's had more than a few offers.

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