The Far Left Becomes Dangerous

Some leaders of the Minuteman Project, the border protest group, were invited to speak at Columbia University, an ultra-left institution. Well, last night, they got this welcome from Columbia students and faculty:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Minuteman Project…

CROWD: (Jeers, shouting, screaming, loud noise.)


Things were obviously out of control. And Columbia police stood by and did nothing.

OK, no spin: Columbia University is a disgrace. It is not interested in free speech or learning, it is a place of indoctrination. Let us call it the "University of Havana, North."

All over the country these kind of fascist tactics are being used by fanatical secular progressives who seek to impose their views on others, and silence and/or harm people who oppose them.

This is becoming increasingly dangerous. People like Bill Kristol, Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, have been physically assaulted during speaking engagements. Attorney General Gonzales was disrespected at Georgetown University. Even Hillary Clinton has been shouted down by far-left loons. This kind of anti-American behavior must be condemned by all Americans.

And places that allow these hooligans free reign, like Columbia University must be held to account. Alumni should stop all donations to Columbia.

Finally, the reason all of this is happening is the S.P.s are losing, so they are angry and frustrated. Most Americans are not buying the radical agenda. Air America is tottering on bankruptcy and other far-left people are only accepted by a lunatic fringe. Nevertheless, the far-left smear Web sites continued to fan hatred and it has now even spilled over into the mainstream media.

There is no place for that kind of garbage in a country that prides itself on free-speech and responsible dissent.

It is time to confront these merchants of venom and let their masters know you will not buy their stuff, or donate to their causes, because if this kind of thing continues, it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

That is The Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

What is it with the shoes, ladies? I'm not getting this. I have five pair of shoes. They all look the same. Black and brown. That's it. Chances are you have many, many more shoes than I do.

And here what happens: you fall down. Some of these shoes are dopey. You can't walk in them. Why would anybody wear shoes you can't walk in? I don't know. But I do know it's ridiculous.

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